Isabelle Powers - Certified Professional Coach


It's inspiring, beautiful and definitely amazing what people can achieve and create...

I've always been interested what does it take to be happy?

What does it take to be successful...

And who determines what are we capable for?


Still learning and enjoying, because life - is a journey - not a destination.


I love people, adventures and challenges and combined it all together.

I've been providing professional services for 10+ years and enjoy helping my clients achieve their dreams. 


What in the beginning might seem impossible becomes possible, then achievable and then - simply doable.

Also addictive - "What else can I do?"  But it's a good addiction - the one that makes you get the most from your life or career.


Why Aligning Powers? Have you been in a situation where it seems like EVERYTHING perfectly falls into the places and like a puzzle - from small random pieces it becomes something absolutely breathtaking? That's why Aligning Powers... Just simply amazing... 


If you want to explore the power and beauty of your own life or career - let me know - I believe everything is possible...

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Contact us: or 619 798-8272