What I've learned in India

For the longest time I wanted to go to India but had trouble finding the companion. Just as they say - If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse. I was looking for a way and found my companions online.

And what I found there - I guess as many of us - I found my karma :) I've got some throat infection and I could not speak for couple of days, but I guess I was the luckiest one - other ones of my companions injured her toe and the other one fell out of rickshaw in the middle of busy street. Thanks God she was fine but it was quite scary. I barely could speak for couple days so I listened more and observed more. That was very eye opening experience...

Overall I always said that I will never get enough of travelling and after India something happened - I didn't want to travel for quite a while and one more time I though "dream wisely - as dreams do come true" and sometimes imaginary outcome might be different from reality :)

But still, the good part still remains - dreams do come true!

#karma #india #travel #dreams #coaching

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