Is coaching right for me?

  • If you are willing to make changes in your life – yes.

  • If you want to get coaching so you can change your boss, spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend… I’m afraid it’s not going to work…

  • If you feel stuck and you think you exhausted all options, we will bring in fresh perspective and will brainstorm with you possibilities you haven’t seen in the beginning.

  • If you have great goals and excellent plan to achieve it, but lose the track in the busy life –we will keep you accountable

  • If you want to hear objective feedback on the situation that’s been bothering you for a while – I will give you honest feedback and will bring up to your attention your patterns that I observe.

And to be clear – coach does not make miracles – there’s no “magic pill” or “quick fix”, but we definitely can help you with setting your boundaries, having healthy attitude, clarity on what you want and don’t want. I can discuss the ways what motivates you the most and how to keep up your energy for all what you want to do.

When you set up a strong base – many things are easier to achieve…

But you still need to put the effort to achieve it… So let me ask you – is coaching right for you?

Still have questions or wondering how coaching can benefit you? Contact us at to find out more.

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