When is the best time to hire coach?

This sometimes might feel like “catch 22” or “chicken and egg” situation... “I will get promotion then I will have money for coaching” versus “I have to get the coach so I can get that promotion, I’ve been dreaming about for over a year”.

Seems there’s no right or wrong answer. In my opinion - if you already have a goal that you working for and a plan to achieve it and you can see the progress – you are on the right track and coaching can wait. But if you feel stuck and you seem like trying to break the wall with bare hands and whatever you do is not good enough… you might consider hiring the coach… You don’t want to find yourself in the situation when the things might start spiraling down – you hate your job and about to quit it (maybe you already got fired); you hate your spouse; your health is thumbing down with the rest… Then it will require much more time to repair the damage or simply might be a little too late…

You are the captain of your own ship; all decisions are up to you.

There’s nobody else to blame for your happiness or unhappiness. Unfortunately today my clients have quite a lot to repair and restore before they reach for “maximum potential” but everything is possible – as there’s never too late to learn, you probably agree – the sooner you start the better.

…Not even mentioning the earlier you start the easier it is J

And if you still have lingering questions – schedule free consultation and ask them – that is that simple and at no cost for you.

Still have questions or wondering how coaching can benefit you? Contact us at info@aligningpowers.com to find out more.

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