How long coaching should last?

This is the simplest answer in the series: as long as you can see the value.

If you had a goal to get promotion and you succeeded – that’s mission accomplished and it’s up to you if you will stop it here or will decide to improve your health; what if instead you want to start positioning yourself for the next position? What if you become so successful, that you want to start your own company? What if your company’s goal was $1,000,000 revenue and now you aim for $5,000,000?

On the other hand – coaching will give you really valuable insights on yourself – you will know what keeps you motivated, what keeps your energy levels up and what also makes you feel drained and procrastinate.

You will become more self-confident and you won’t need handholding, but then you might want to have somebody as a partner, who constantly challenges to reach for your maximum potential…

There’s should be a warning: you get addicted to your success… It feels really good… And there’s no limit on what you can and cannot accomplish… So again – it’s back to your decision - as long you “enjoy the ride”.

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