Does coaching work?

That my friend depends on…

  • How good is your coach

  • How motivated you are

  • How willing you are to do the work required and so on…

In many cases good coach will find what motivates you and what sparks enthusiasm and energy to go after your dreams, but unfortunately even the best coach can’t do that for you.

Talking about “does the coaching work” statistics shows “yes” – see the pictures below. The best sports performers in the world hire coaches all the time. The best CEO’s, entrepreneurs and other super high level performers hire coaches and keep them for the long time; nowadays companies hire coaches for their select employees – I think that also proves that coaching does work. But as anything else in life – it depends on you, your partnerships you chose, the efforts you put into and many other things… And all those things you can discuss with your coach and make sure they match your values, goals and the effort you willing to put into.

Hope this and the pictures below answered your question…

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