First things first

How often do you feel less than 100% of your best self?

And how often do you want to, or are expected to perform your best?

What if your daily “state” is more likely 40% - how can you deliver your best?

Have you heard this phrase in the airplane: “before assisting others take care of yourself first” – because if you not properly taken care of yourself, you can’t help others.

That’s why you always should take care of yourself first – and I don’t mean to come as an egoist and say that you shouldn’t take care of others, but just think… if you are tired, emotionally exhausted or worse irritated and impatient – what will be your response and communication? Energetic, positive and sharp? I don’t think so… If you not happy, you simply can’t bring happiness to others…

Now just imagine: you get up at least 15-30 min. earlier to get some extra time for yourself, make yourself nice cup of coffee or tea, enjoy it slowly sipping and reading the book or doing some simple exercises… whatever, that makes you feel better… and get yourself ready for busy day… This could be a small but very impactful change.

You have to take care of yourself. Do not expect anyone to do this for you – this is your responsibility as an adult – keep yourself in top condition like if you would if you had your dream car or dream house – take care of yourself mentally and physically – that’s why majority of highly successful people have morning routines. Why morning - because it’s easier to plan and you set yourself up for successful day. Don’t play the game, where you constantly trying to catch up.

How to prepare yourself for success? Try one or few of the actions below. Best scenario – to do all of them, but if you think that’s too big stretch, pick one or few and incorporate in your routine:

  • Drink lemon water

  • Exercise

  • Meditate

  • Plan your day or write down most important things to complete

  • Eat breakfast

  • Read

  • DO NOT read your email or check social media – that is the biggest distraction of all. I probably even don’t have to tell you about that…

Only getting up early morning, while it’s still quiet and air feels clean and fresh gives a strong feeling of accomplishment and boosts your self-confidence.

Have all the things planed and keep it consistent, so that there’s less time to think, “what should I do next?”

Just as an example my morning routine:

  • get up at 6 am drink lemon water,

  • go for 30-40 min walk

  • listen podcast while walking (that’s my way of “reading” and learning something new);

  • meditate 10 minutes;

  • eat healthy breakfast

  • shower and back to my “regular” day.

After this I feel great and ready to rock, while others just getting out of the bed or the ones at work getting a cup of coffee to wake them up…

One more suggestion – make your bed – you will start your day with a quick accomplishment, and soon will see truth in the adage: “The state of your bed is the state of your head”.

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