Comparing yourself to others

How many times have you felt like an absolute looser watching others’ vacation, engagement, wedding, babies and happy faces pictures on social media? How many times you thought, “They have it all”? What if it is not a true? What if you could have it too?

This could be very depressing and even before you notice you already spiraling down feeling lonely and worthless…

This has to stop! You can’t just look at one picture and evaluate that person’s happiness – unless you know them very well… Beautiful vacation pictures might not show countless late hours in the office working so hard that vacation is the only “light at the end of the tunnel”… Engagement and wedding pictures doesn’t show the tears and broken hearts you might have to go through until you find “The One”… Cute baby pictures doesn’t show sleepless nights and believe me – that always comes together with the baby…

Sometimes we just see what we want to see… And even more often we post only the good moments and keep private all the ones that makes us sad, worthless and lonely… and if someone decides to share that it might not get as many “likes” and will not show up in your view.

I’m writing this post as there was the time, when I felt the same… What changed? - I decided to spend less time in social media saturated with pictures of “successful people” beautified with special filters and Photoshop and spend more time with my friends – real people who have happy moments as well as downtimes… Who normally don’t stage their food before eating and doesn’t have to have perfect body, hair or make up all the time…

Don’t compare yourself to others… If you have someone famous you really like as your idol, you know, that even most successful people have they downtimes and they work extremely hard, they have to sacrifice a lot – for example their personal life, when whatever they do is discussed publicly, every break up news are slapped on the cover of the magazines, like the breakup itself wouldn’t be painful enough… And the “friends” that surround you might be there just because of your fame and money…

“Comparison is the thief of joy” – Theodore Roosevelt

It is really easy to get mislead by pictures… Everything comes with a price and usually requires hard work, especially those six-packs by the swimming pool :D Think about that next time when you see something what makes you jealous.

Try to appreciate the beauty you see, but do not compare to yourself, think Self-compassionately and don’t forget – you can have whatever your put your focus on. We all are different and have our unique journey… And if you need some time and help getting out of your downward spiral – that’s ok too…

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