How coaching changed my life 180 degrees

I didn’t know it will be so impactful. I started career and life coaching as I love working with people. I wanted to help and I knew it helped me immensely and couple people already been asking “what’s my secret”.

So, without too much hesitation, while working full time for fortune 500 company, volunteering with foster youth and being officer in Toastmasters organization I decided to take up one more activity and go for few months of course. That is not something unusual, as I am non stop learning something new – personally and for work.

I enjoyed the training, few months later got the certification and - I started it. I love coaching. It inspires, when hearing my clients find their own obstacles and overcome them, I like them setting ambitious goals and achieving them! Makes me feel like I’m part of that achievement as well.

Anyways, my main focus always was career coaching, as I’m most passionate about it, and I figured out that striking career without having friends, health or that one person to share all the goodness would be less fulfilling. Therefore I wanted to look into career achievements and coaching itself within holistic perspective - I took up UC Berkeley’s “Science of Happiness” a study and was blown away by all the science behind all the research what makes us happy.

That how it started…

Less than 3 years later I’m in our own sailboat sailing around the world…

Still not sure if all the blame should be on “Science of Happiness” study, but I have a feeling…

Am I happier? Sometimes yes, sometimes not so much. But I can say with a hand on my heart – I’m taking my best choices and making the best moves to be one. It’s been 9 months I’m in this position. We already finished Sailing Aquarius Season 1, took a break and visited our friends and family – and now – back on the boat, ready for Sailing Aquarius Season 2 and some big journeys – one of them – crossing Pacific Ocean…

You know, many years ago I used to say “Dreams come true”, but for the last 2 years or so I’ve been saying “Watch out! Dreams do come true!”
You just have to have those dreams… Not just follow what everybody else does and try to “keep up with the Joneses”… th
at does no good for us, opposite – it makes us miserable as we compare ourselves to others… But it gets very different when you come up with your own dreams, and the true passion inside keeps you going on…

People have no problem achieving goals (dreams)... they have trouble setting them...

While I’m completely emerged in my life chasing the dreams, I want to ask you - What is your dream?

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